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Blue Tree Cheesie Donuts

Blue Tree Cheesie Donuts

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They are made from healthy, calcium-rich, lactose-free milk and beef gelatine and have a positive effect on cartilage and bone formation.
And all this with only 1.0 % fat!
sold in a box of 2 units (60gr)

The CHEESIE DONUTS are of course free of sugar, chocolate and other artificial additives such as flavourings, colourings or preservatives.
Natural additives such as beetroot, paprika and turmeric conjure up different, irresistible, colourful toppings for these delicacies!
Add a little parsnip and carrots for decoration and the CHEESIE DONUTS for dogs look as if they just came fresh from our bakery counter.

The CHEESIE DONUTS provide our four-legged friends with long-lasting chewing fun and, thanks to their consistency, improve tooth cleaning by removing plaque and at the same time care for the gums by stimulating the blood circulation in the gums.
By chewing extensively they also help our dogs to reduce stress.

lactose-free milk powder 53.3%, bovine gelatin, vegetable glycerine, beetroots 2.2%, curcuma 1.9%, pepper 1.6%, parsnips, carrots, vegetable carbon;

Analytical constituents

protein 50.8%, fat content 1.0%, crude fibre 1.1%, crude ash 4.9%, calcium 7146 mg/kg, phosphorus 5396 mg/kg;

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