Discounts and promotions

These conditions apply to promotional codes and promotional credits. Keep in mind that while promotional credits are applied directly to your account, in the promotional codes it is necessary to insert the code during the purchase process in order to proceed to its exchange.

The codes discounts and / or promotions made on the website are not cumulative with each other.

The discount codes offered to use in our store cannot be used for monthly subscription boxes. Nor can they be used for any type of monthly or annual subscription.

The value of the discounts cannot be exchanged for money or other vouchers.

If the entire value of the check or discount code is not used, the remaining money will be lost.

Gift wrapping costs or shipping costs cannot be paid with a promotional code and / or discount.

If the amount of your order is greater than the value of your promotional code or promotional credit, we will ask you to enter a credit or debit card to cover the remaining amount, you can also pay with PayPal.

The promotional codes or promotional credits expire according to the terms and conditions indicated in the offer or promotion

If the promotional code is specific to a product, it can only be redeemed for that product.