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Asobu 3-1 White bottle

Asobu 3-1 White bottle

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The first ever 3-in-1 bottle for you and your furry friend! Have you ever noticed how thirsty your dog is after a walk? Our pets need to hydrate just as much as we do!
The all NEW Asobu® Buddy is Asobu’s newest innovation to make pet owners’ lives better! The Buddy comes with a detachable water bowl at the bottom of the bottle. Simply pour from the top of the bottle into your dog’s bowl so you can hydrate your dog throughout the day, while you can drink from the top with no cross contamination. Once you remove that bowl you have another bowl inside to store and feed your dog food or snacks. The bottle has an easy carry paw handle and has a 1L / 30.oz capacity so you and your best friend have more than enough water to share. Sharing is caring!

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