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Bubble Dry Skin Shampoo

Bubble Dry Skin Shampoo

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In the Dry Skin Shampoo they have been grouped, in highly studied proportions to justly add their individual properties. These extracts have been enriched with bio-soluble sulfur, allantoin and retinol, obtaining a complex of purely natural origin.

The aging of the skin is due to multiple causes, one of them is reactive oxygen species induced by UV rays. One of the ways to prevent aging is by sequestering these reactive species.

When reactive oxygen species attack the cell membrane, the membrane lipids are peroxidized. This peroxidation negatively impacts the multiple membrane reactions, causing aging. Thus, one of the ways to fight aging is by using compounds that have a powerful active oxygen sequestering activity.

Thanks to this activity, it has a very interesting application in the treatment of aging as well as of all those oxidative processes that affect the skin and hair.


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