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Churpi Himalaya Bar

Churpi Himalaya Bar

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Much more than a snack!
Churpi products originate from the Himalayan mountains.

They are made with a creamy yak milk mixture. These yaks feed on pollution-free grass and drink water of the highest purity, so we get unique and exclusive chewable dog snacks, 100% natural and easily digestible.

How do we do it?

To produce Churpi, milk is boiled and a very small amount of lemon juice and salt is added to coagulate (harden) the milk, which is then compressed into flat cloth molds and dried by smoking them for 28 days. This procedure gives our products their unique flavor.

Hours of fun and entertainment guaranteed thanks to the hardness of the bar.

Yak and zebu milk, lime and salt


SMALL (dogs up to 4 kilos in weight) Bar 33gr
MEDIUM (recommended for dogs from 4kg to 10kg) Bar 70gr
LARGE (recommended for dogs weighing 11kg to 25kg.) Bar 130gr
XL (recommended for dogs weighing more than 25kg) Bar 200gr

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