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version of the famous jacket adapted to the furry, Harlem Puffer model in pink, light and padded but very warm.

This padded jacket is made with a very light synthetic down filling and a waterproof cover to keep the dog protected from different weather elements, especially in the colder months. FuzzYard has made it VERY easy to use with a Velcro closure across the front of the chest, so all you need to do is secure the Velcro and go for a ride.

This jacket also features a stylish embroidered FuzzYard logo on the back and a strap anchor slot that can be opened and closed with a zip.

- Raincoat.
- Opening for the strap with zip closure.
- Superlight synthetic down filling for warmth and soft hand feel.
- Embroidered logo on the back.

Size Guide (approximate):

Talla Pecho Largo Cuello

2 45cm 30cm 36cm
3 47cm 36,5cm 40cm
4 58cm 42cm 46cm
5 75cm 46cm 48cm
6 81cm 61cm 54cm