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Nellumbo Cleaning Lotion

Nellumbo Cleaning Lotion

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Our cleansing lotion composed of cornflower and chamomile hydrosols will offer your companion a gentle cleansing of his eyes, muzzle and ears.

The high concentration of minerals and trace elements present in seawater naturally allows to:

- Reduce inflammation
- Relax and soothe
- Restore normal skin balance.

An innovative formula, combining the virtues of plants and those of seawater, a daily essential!

Suitable for dogs and cats!

Our cleansing lotion has been designed and formulated by ourselves, with valuable advice from aromatherapists and veterinarians, as well as our research and development engineer.

Our packaging is fully recyclable, in PET and our caps in bamboo. We also invite you to consult our section on the reuse of our beautiful containers if you wish to keep them.

Usage tips:

Using a clean wipe, gently apply to the eye contour.

Ditto for the muzzle and ears of your companion.


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