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Nellumbo Sensitive Skin Balm

Nellumbo Sensitive Skin Balm

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The sensitive skin balm will help treat many infections thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, puppies and pregnant females.


Enriched with organic castor oil , our balm will accelerate hair regrowth .

Zinc Oxide is a powerful natural anti-bacterial , it cleanses and purifies.

The raw materials we use, such as shea butter, coconut oil or neem oil, sanitize and promote the reconstruction of the epidermis . Our sensitive skin balm deeply moisturizes , it is effective against itching , redness, dermatitis, eczema .

Our sensitive skin balm has been designed and formulated by ourselves, with valuable advice from aromatherapists and veterinarians, as well as our research and development engineer, Sandrine.

Our packaging is fully recyclable, and our bamboo caps.

We also invite you to consult our section on the reuse of our beautiful containers if you wish to keep them!

Our care products from the canine range are formulated to support and preserve animal well-being and cannot replace the advice of a veterinarian.

This product is not a drug, it cannot be considered or used as such

Usage tips:

Wash your hands. Take a dab of balm with your clean finger and massage the affected area (mow first if necessary).

Renew the application once or twice a day, until visible improvement, then space out the applications.

Optimal use: 1 year after opening 

Made in France - 50ml

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