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Scraps ECO Original Recipe

Scraps ECO Original Recipe

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Made only with organic ingredients (like all our products), we prepare it with recycled bread, flour, a little sunflower oil, spices (a touch of cinnamon, green anise, ginger, nutmeg and cloves) and garlic. Only good natural products, unprocessed, without additives or preservatives. In short, cookies as if you had made them at home.

Take care of your dog's well-being with SCRAPS Gourmet. Our foods are 100% made in France, natural and delicious for more vitality, balance and affection for your faithful companion.

A range of organic delicacies handcrafted with recycled organic bread.

In our recipes you will find: no GMOs, no artificial flavors, no colorings, no preservatives, no sugar, no meat!
Organic products with Ecocert label.

recyclable cardboard box.

Bags of 40gr, 60gr and 120gr


wheat flour*, recycled bread* 40%, sunflower oil*, potato starch*, spices* (cinnamon*, green anise*, ginger*, nutmeg*, cloves*), garlic*, salt.

Analytical components: crude fat 14.3% - crude protein 9.1% - crude fiber 2.83% - crude ash 2.5%

Recommended daily allowance:

Dogs up to 6Kg (Up to 4 units)
Dogs from 6 to 12kg (Up to 6 units)
Dogs from 12 to 25Kg (Up to 10 units)

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