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Vegdog Dentals

Vegdog Dentals

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VEGDOG DENTALS help with dental care and are at the same time the tastiest vegan dog snack we know.

Today we go straight to bed without dinner. But what about brushing your teeth? Well, then here are some VEGDOG DENTALS!  

Of course, the VEGDOG DENTALS do not replace brushing your dog's teeth. But you can at least combine your four-legged friend's appetite for snacks with dental care!

Our teeth are super important every day and have to last a lifetime - that's why we are taught from childhood that you have to take care of your teeth. And it's no different with our four-legged friends! Healthy teeth, healthy gums, healthy chewing muscles = healthy dog!

The sponge structure of the VEGDOG DENTALS, developed together with our veterinarians, has a cleaning effect on the teeth, removes plaque and massages the gums. The contained beetroot donates vitamin C, the tapioca flour provides power for muscles and joints. The ingredients also help prevent bad dog breath and have a positive effect on cell renewal and digestion.

The VEGDOG DENTALS will also make your dog pant with a smile in the future, or - if it has to be - even show white teeth when baring! Our snackable dog toothbrush is also suitable for people with food allergies thanks to the hypoallergenic recipe, completely without attractants, colorings and preservatives and without animal testing!


Potato flour, 23.87% tapioca starch, glycerin, cellulose fibers, brewer's yeast, 0.51% beetroot, rapeseed oil

Note on feeding

VEGDOG DENTALS can support dental health. We also recommend regular tartar checks at the veterinarian.

Feeding recommendation small Dentals/120g pack

Daily amount in pieces (approximate values; to be adjusted to individual living conditions such as exercise, breed, activity, season and metabolism)

weight dogdaily amount
6kg - 1 piece / day
15kg - 2 pieces / day
25kg - 3 pieces / day
35kg - 4 pieces / day
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