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Vegdog Jerkeys

Vegdog Jerkeys

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VEGDOG JERKEYS – Dogs love treats . But what if these are made of carrot and smoked over beech wood ? Then certainly!

There are delicious vegan dog snacks that are also healthy? That sounds like it was made up, almost fantastic, doesn't it? The VEGDOG JERKEYS are exactly that.

Thanks to the hypoallergenic recipe, the VEGDOG JERKEYS are not only vegan, but also suitable for four-legged food allergy sufferers. Your dog will love the spicy aroma emanating from the beech wood smoke - and so will you!

In addition, the VEGDOG JERKEYS are purely plant-based and healthy because of the vegetables. The beta-carotene found in carrots is converted to vitamin A, which is necessary for your dog's vision, bones and protein synthesis.

Since we want to protect all animals, the VEGDOG JERKEYS have not only been developed without animal ingredients, but of course without animal testing. This makes them a tasty, healthy reward and also completely free of attractants and colorings.

And true to our motto "Feed well, do good", most of the VEGDOG JERKEYS ingredients come from the region and meet the highest quality standards. 



Vegetables (88%, of which 10% carrot), vegetable by-products (glycerin, powdered cellulose, potato starch), minerals, beech smoke.

feeding recommendation

Our feeding recommendations are only guidelines and your dog's needs may deviate from them (depending on individual living conditions such as exercise, breed, activity level, season and metabolism).

weight dogdaily amount
5kg - 1 piece / day
15kg - 4 pieces / day
25kg - 6 pieces / day
35kg - 7 pieces / day 
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