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Vegdog Mobilities

Vegdog Mobilities

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Is your dog a ton of energy and loves to run?
What could be better! However, exercising a lot often puts a lot of stress on your joints. Older dogs are also affected by mobility problems. Glucosamine may help maintain and support joint health. That's why we invented our MOBILITIES, with an extra large serving of vegan glucosamine. The result? A delicious low-fat chew with which you can take good care of your dog and give him a little caress on his joints.

Potato flour, glycerin, potato starch, cellulose, potato protein, brewer's yeast, guar gum, glucosamine 2%, celery 0.5%

DOGS -5Kg (half a bar per day)
DOGS from 5 to 15Kg (Up to 1.5 bars per day)
DOGS Up to 25Kg (Up to 2 bars per day)
DOGS +25Kg (Up to 2.5 bars per day)

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