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Vegdog Veggies immune

Vegdog Veggies immune

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VEGDOG VEGGIES IMMUNE boost your dog's immune system with the vegan power of sea buckthorn and turmeric. Vegan dog treats with lots of vitamin C. 

Dog owners are generally more active and fitter. And if you move around the world a lot, you need healthy snacks to stay energetic, focused and healthy. With the very high content of vitamin C from sea buckthorn (the "Lemon of the North"), iron and vitamin B12, our VEGDOG VEGGIES IMMUNE have everything that is important for walks and happy romping in any weather. Turmeric is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, so that the well-deserved break after intense activity becomes healthy regeneration.

VEGDOG VEGGIES IMMUNE are not just delicious and healthy dog ​​snacks for in between meals. They are sustainably produced in Northern Germany without any attractants, colorings or preservatives. The ingredients are of regional origin. And since we don't just love dogs, but all animals, you won't find a single animal component in the entire VEGDOG dog food range. This is not only healthy for your four-legged friend, but good for the climate, for the earth and for all of us.

VEGDOG Veggies immune should be stored in a cool, dry place. After opening, reseal airtight to prevent drying out.



Potato, 20% fava bean*, vegetable by-products, 1% sea buckthorn*, 0.5% turmeric*, (*ground)

feeding recommendation

Daily amount in pieces (approximate values; to be adjusted to individual living conditions such as exercise, breed, activity, season and metabolism) Feeding recommendations are only guide values, the needs of the individual dog can deviate from them.

weight dogdaily amount

5kg - 3 pieces/day
10kg - 5 pieces/day
15kg - 7 pieces/day
25kg - 10 pieces/day
35kg - 13 pieces/day
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