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Foaming Powder Shampoo

Foaming Powder Shampoo

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The foaming powder shampoo will be your ally for grooming your four-legged friend.

It is the FIRST shampoo for dogs 100% of natural origin between land and sea in the form of a powder which turns into a creamy foam on contact with water. 

The innovation of this gentle formula, perfectly adapted to your dog's coat and epidermis, contains 100% perfectly effective natural active ingredients to provide gentle cleansing for your dog. 

No more liquid shampoo and its composition with more than 80% water!

A container of 50 gr of our shampoo powder is equivalent to a bottle of 250 ML! 

0% Sulfate, 0% preservative, 0% essential oil 0% water!

It is ideal for pregnant females and puppies. 

The raw materials we use: 

green clay: Soothing and protective, it strengthens the hair fiber

It also helps regulate excess sebum in your pet's epidermis and cleanse deeply. 

very mild surfactant derived from coconut: Gently cleanses the skin and hair and provides a creamy foam. 

corn starch : Emollient agent to moisturize the hair and epidermis, make it softer and shinier by regulating sebum

seaweed powder: Deeply nourishes the hair and calms the most sensitive skin.

shikakai powder: ancestral powder of our world, it accentuates the feeling of softness of the hair, it also acts against the formation of dandruff and promotes hair regrowth. 

The foaming powder shampoo will be your daily ally, summer and winter alike, to gently cleanse your dog, regulate excess sebum responsible for oily skin and hair , calm and soothe sensitive skin .

It will give your dog a soft, shiny and silky coat. 

His hair will be perfectly nourished and hydrated.  

Our foaming powder shampoo has been designed and formulated by ourselves, with valuable advice from aromatherapists and veterinarians, as well as our research and development engineer, Sandrine.

Our packaging is 0 waste 100% kraft, recyclable and biodegradable!

Usage tips:

Shake before application

After having thoroughly wet your dog, sprinkle the shampoo powder evenly over the upper part of your dog (from the top of the head to the tail) then massage your animal's body. For the lower parts (legs, chest and belly) sprinkle in the palm of your previously moistened hand and rub the desired areas. 

Leave for a few minutes.

Then rinse your dog until you get clear water.

Ideally finish by drying and brushing your dog. 



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